Sunland Village. A residential community in Mesa, Arizona
Sunland Village. A residential community in Mesa, Arizona Sunland Village. A residential community in Mesa, Arizona

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About Us


Sunland Village is the second of four Farnsworth developments in the East Valley.  Construction was begun in 1974 and completed in 1984 with 2685 homes.  Today, there are about 4000 year-round and seasonal residents living in Sunland Village. 

All homes are single family individual homes and condos.  Sunland Village is an active 55+  community, with many amenities for its residents; including three swimming pools, jacuzzi, whirlpool, tennis courts, golf course, hobby and craft rooms, and a large number of clubs and groups.  While you're here on our website, check out "Activities and Events" on the main menu.

As a Homeowners Association (HOA), all owners and residents are governed by the CCR&R's and Bylaws which may be found in the "Documents" section of the main menu.  As a nonprofit Arizona Corporation, we have a board of directors entirely comprised of homeowners that each serve 3 year terms.  There are many opportunities for homeowners to volunteer by serving on the board or various board committees.

We hope you enjoy looking around our site.  Please return often, as the site is updated on a regular basis.  Feel free to contact the Manager, the Board, or the webmaster, by using the "Contact Us" link on the main menu, if you have any questions about Sunland Village.

Some FAQ's About Sunland Village:

1.  Does the office handle sales or rentals of homes in the Village?  No, sales and rentals are conducted by local real estate agents or private parties in the area.
2.  Do you have a Village Newspaper?  Sunland Village publishes the "Journal" monthly.  Copies of past Journals are available on this website.  See "Journals" on the Main Menu.
3.  How can I find out about activities in Sunland Village?  Activities are posted on the community bulletin boards, published in the Journal, and posted on this website.  In addition, residents who register on this website will receive email alerts with timely information on activities and events.
4.  Are there volunteer opportunities in Sunland Village?  YES.  Contact the Activity Director for a list of opportunities for service in the Village.  Also, check "Activities and Events" on the main menu of this website for all the clubs and activities, many of which have volunteer needs or projects.
Manager:  Darwin Albrecht
Activity Director:  Nancy Johnson
Office Manager:  Chris Beavers
Office Address:  4601 East Dolphin Ave, Mesa, Arizona 85206
Office Hours:  M-F: 9:00 am - 4:30 pm, Year-round
Phone:  480-832-9003
Activity Office: 480-832-9714
Fax:  480-830-0531