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Hiking Club

The Sunland Village Hiking Club meets and hikes at various locations around the East Valley from October through April.  We welcome new members and the following additional information may be helpful to those who are interested in joining us:
  • Hikes are rated as easy (E), moderate (M), or difficult (D). The ratings reflect the hiking distance, change in elevation, along with trail condition and apply to experienced hikers in reasonable condition. You may find additional information about the hikes being conducted at the following sites: hikearizona.com, www.everytrail.com; also, the National Forest Service offices have books and maps available for purchase.
  • Hikes are scheduled every other Tuesday.  There are often hikes that take place on other days of the week, along with hikes on an “unscheduled” Tuesday.
  • We do our best to provide information about an upcoming hike in a timely manner via email. On the day of the hike, arrive at the Sunland Village Auditorium 10 minutes prior to the scheduled departure. Be sure that you have plenty of water and a lunch. Hiking boots or trekking shoes are recommended as they provide good support and traction on the trail. We provide the drivers with $5.00 for trips that are 25 miles or less, and $8.00 for trips greater than 25 miles.
  • For safety, we prefer that hikers do not return to the trailhead alone. Therefore, if you have concerns about being able to complete a particular hike, it’s important that you make arrangements in advance and inform the Trail Master by the day of the hike.  Also, don’t hesitate to contact the Trail Master prior to the hike to discuss any concerns or questions you may have regarding your ability.  
For additional information about the SLV Hiking Club and it’s activities, or to have your email added to our contact list, please contact the SLV Hiking Club President, Russ Johnson or Secretary, Joyce Meyer.