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At Sunland Village we communicate in a variety of ways and strive to keep our "members"/residents informed on all issues effecting our community.  Primary communication tools include:
The Sunland Journal which is published monthly by Miller Media Services.  The journal is distributed at the beginning of each month.  It is also posted on the website with back issues available as well.  During the months of November thru April, the journal is delivered by Sunland volunteers to each occupied home.  During the summer months of May thru October, the journal is available for pick up at several locations around Sunland Village.
Monthly SVCA Board of Directors meetings held on the second Tuesday each month.  The meetings are held in the Sunland Auditorium at 3 p.m.   This is where business is discussed, as well as, questions fielded from our residents.  Meeting agendas are posted on the Association bulletin board in front of the Auditorium and on this website.
Activity Bulletin Boards located around the community facilities such as the Auditorium, activity rooms, Capri Hall and pools.  Special event flyers are posted monthly and let residents know what activities are coming up and detals on how to buy tickets.  New activities, clubs or groups starting up and classes are posted as well.  The number of flyers posted is limited to space available.  Check with the Activity Office if you are interested in posting a flyer for your existing Sunland Club or group.
Email blasts are sent out regularly to website members.  They will consist of specific issues, current events and important news.  We try to limit email blasts to weekly but at times the news dictates additional email blasts to be sent out.
To communicate to us, please click on the Contact Us link and send any questions to the Manager, SVCA Board or Activity Director.  You may also call the Sunland Village Office at 480-832-9003, Monday - Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

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