Paint Color Chart

Notice 11/12/18
All colors on the approved paint chart can be used for trim.  The colors that are on the trim chart cannot be used as primary colors but only for trim.
Our SV paint colors now have numbers and names associated with them.  We have worked with Dunn Edwards to update our paint chart.  To see the colors, Click Here to Dunn Edwards.
If you see a color you are interested in, they will send you free samples at no charge.  If you buy from the color chart, you will receive a discount up to 37 percent off retail. 
If you buy your paint elsewhere, you can refer to the colors on the chart and they should be able to match their color with the color you selected.  This should greatly help homeowners in the paint approval process.
Prior to painting, please submit a Sunland Village Paint Chart Form to the Architectural Change Committee (ACC) for review.  The ACC meets every Thursday to review requests.  They will issue a bright green Change Permit to put in your home front window to let others know you have received prior approval to make any changes to the exterior of your home.

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