Fitness Center

Sunland's NEW Fitness Center officially opened on November 1, 2018.   The Hours of Operation are 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.  Residents will need their key fob for access.  Please take a visit to the new center and even try out the new equipment. 
  • Please note that fitness attire and footwear must be worn in the Center. 
  • No wet bathing suits or food and drink (except water) is allowed. 
  • We thank you for wiping off the equipment after use.
Exercise Logs provided by Stacy Huston, F.I.I.T. with Stacy: click on: Page 1 and Page 2. Print!  
Construction photos are posted on the Photo Gallery page (under the Activities tab).
How to use our True Fuse Equipment:
True Fuse Leg Press

True Fuse Abdominal

True Fuse Bicep

True Fuse Shoulder Press

True Fuse Tricep

True Fuse Chest Press

True Fuse Seated Row

True Fuse Lat Pull Down

True Fuse Leg Ext

True Fuse Seated Leg Curl

True Fitness Chin Dip Assist

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4601 E. Dolphin Ave.
Mesa, AZ 85206
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