Who is a Sunland Village Volunteer?
A Sunland Village Volunteer is a resident who volunteers (not paid) to help at an event, activity or project that benefits and is sponsored by Sunland Village.  This qualifies those residents as a community volunteer as opposed to a resident who donates time for a club or group within Sunland Village. 
Examples of a Sunland Village Community Volunteers are:
Those that deliver the Journal, Board appointed committee members, Pancake Breakfast helpers, dance committees, Activity Office volunteers, Special Event crews, Decorating Committee members, Library helpers, Ice Cream Social servers, Bingo workers and Newcomer Ambassadors.
Volunteers are also vital to the success of Sunland Village chartered clubs and resident interest groups.  These clubs and groups are organized, coordinated and operated solely by residents and are an authorized activity of the Sunland Village Community Association.  If you are interested in getting involved in one of the clubs, please come to the annual Sunland Welcome Expo held in November which features clubs, groups and club activities, or you may contact a club representative by visiting the Clubs and Groups page of this website or in the Club section of the Sunland Journal

If you would like to get involved as a community volunteer, please fill out the Volunteers Wanted form and turning it into the Sunland office or contact the Activity Coordinator by phoning 480-832-9714 or email to activitycoordinator@sunlandvillage.org.
If interested in helping at food events, an Arizona Food Handler Certificate is required.  The HOA will reimburse those working at food events such as Ice Cream Social, Pancake Breakfast, BBQ's, etc. for the food handler certificate.  Please bring your receipt to the HOA office.
Online food handler certificate testing websites:

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