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Sunland Village has numerous clubs and groups which are organized by residents for the benefit of its residents.  There are many Chartered Clubs and Groups to choose from here at Sunland Village.  They range from organizations such as the Women's Club, Tennis Club, Travel Club, Songster's Choir and more to groups such as card groups, walking group, table tennis, craft groups and more.
Each fall in November, Sunland Village holds a Welcome Expo in which many of the clubs and groups get together in the Auditorium to share what they will be doing for the next winter/spring season.  This is a great opportunity to join a club or group and find out about how  you can get involved in your community.  Volunteers are always welcome!
All new residents are greeted personally by the Sunland Ambassadors who bring you a packet of valuable information provided by our groups and clubs.  Included in this packet is a Welcome to Sunland Village Booklet which lists the many different clubs, groups and activities going on at any one time here in our community.  New residents will also be invited to a New Resident Welcome "get-together" sponsored by the SV Communication Committee and held several times per year.
Check the More Club and Groups page for information from Charter Clubs that includes links to their own websites.  The Sunland Journal contains current articles from most of the clubs and groups which includes contact information.  The Journal calendar page will list many of their meeting days and times as well.
Participation in Chartered Clubs and Special Interest Groups is limited to Sunland residents ONLY.

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