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Posted 1/19/21
On January 19 at 1 p.m., the SVCA Board of Directors discussed and voted to gradually reopen facilities as follows:
On Wednesday, January 20, outdoor facilities such as Tennis, Pickleball, Horseshoes, Shuffleboard and Bocce Ball will RE-OPEN with coronavirus guidelines: Masks must be worn except when participating on the courts, maintain 6 feet distance and limited group size.  Spectators are not permitted unless you are waiting to play.  Only personal bottled beverages are permitted; no food.
On Wednesday, January 20, the Library, Fitness Center and Billiards Room will re-open with coronavirus guidelines: Masks must be worn at all times at indoor facilities unless actively working out in Fitness Center, maintain 6 feet distance and limited group size per previous room policy.  Only personal bottled beverages are permitted. For Billiards, spectators are not permitted unless you are waiting to play
On Friday, January 22, the pools and hot tubs will re-open with guidelines: Masks must be worn except when actively exercising or swimming, maintain 6 feet distance and limited group size.  Only personal bottled beverages are permitted. 
On Monday, January 25, Ceramics, Woodshop, Lapidary, Room 9 and Sunset Room may re-open with Chartered Club’s coronavirus protocols to open safely for residents.  Masks must be worn in all facilities and during the whole club or class session.   Each room’s capacity is limited in order to maintain a safe 6’ distance.  Only personal bottled beverages are permitted.  No food.
On Monday, January 25, the Auditorium will re-open to Walkers, Pilates and Yoga classes with guidelines: Masks must be worn at all times unless actively working out, maintain 6' distance and only personal bottled beverages are permitted.
All clubs and groups are asked to track or keep attendance of who participates or plays each day on the courts or inside the rooms.  If anyone is feeling ill, please stay home.  Please follow sanitizing protocols and wash hands often.  Thank you. 
Sunland Board of Directors
Posted 1/18/21
Click Here for the results of the 2021 Election
Posted 1/13/21
Regarding a New Year’s Day pool incident.
Here are the facts:
  • The incident occurred at the South pool complex.
  • At  12:54 am January 1, a person jumped over the pool fence. 
  • By 1:02 am several cars were parked in the parking lot.
  • A total of approximately 13 people entered the pool complex.
  • Security arrived at 1:03 am responding to a call. The people left without incident.
  • No damage or injury occurred.
In the future, if you see something, say something. We thoroughly and promptly investigate all security issues.
The pool fence has been modified to make entry more difficult.
We take these types of incidents seriously and take steps to reduce future probability.
Darwin Albrecht CMCA ® AMS ®
General Manager, Sunland Village Community Association
Posted 1/13/21
The Annual Meeting is postponed until a further date later this spring.  Click Here to read the 2020 Annual Report.
Posted 1/8/21
The Board of Directors held an emergency meeting on Friday, January 8 and determined that due to the current spread of Covid-19, all Sunland Village facilities are CLOSED effective 6:00 a.m. Saturday, January 9.   Facilities shall remain closed through January 31.  Essential SVCA business will continue to be conducted.  Meet the Candidates & Town Hall Meeting on Monday, January 11, the SVCA Board Meeting on Tuesday, January 12 and the SVCA Election on Friday, January 15 will be held.  Masks and Social Distancing are Mandatory. Further review by the Board of Directors will be held on Friday, January 29.
Posted 12/18/2020
The Month of January:  Pay Your Regular Assessment!
Pay by echeck online, drop check to Sunland Village in Drop Box or mail check to Sunland Village, 4601 E. Dolphin Ave. Mesa AZ 85206
Posted 12/10/2020
The new ACC guidelines are now available and posted on the website.  Amendments have been made, Board approved on 12/9/2020, particularly for signs (including political), flagpoles & flags and gates.
With the amendments now in place, all political & other non-conforming signs and flags need to be taken down.
Posted 11/11/2020
The Board of Directors approved a SVCA Facility Usage - Coronavirus Requirements document at the Board meeting on Tuesday, November 10, 2020.  Click Here to Read
Posted 8/28/2020
The Fitness Center is open with normal posted hours.
Everyone must follow the posted rules. Cardio equipment will have every other machine turned off to maintain social distancing. All people must maintain social distance and practice good health habits. Face covering policy are subject to the City of Mesa and Maricopa County rules.
Users of all other facilities must follow the posted rules and room limits.  
The following precautions should be followed by people utilizing all recreational facilities:
·       Stay home if sick.
·       If you are at a higher risk for severe illness, you should avoid visiting the recreational facilities. People at higher risk for severe illness include adults 65 or older and people of any age who have serious underlying medical conditions.
·       Stay at least 6 feet away from other patrons.
·       Do not touch your eyes, nose, or mouth.
·       After leaving the facility, use hand sanitizer. When you get home, wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
Access may become more restrictive or less restrictive in the coming weeks. Everyone must practice good health habits and maintain physical distancing. Most important of all, stay at home when you are sick.  Anyone that unnecessarily jeopardizes the health of others may be subject to having their privileges revoked by the Board of Directors as per the Code of Conduct policy. 
Until further notice, NO GUESTS will be allowed. Sunland Village residents only for all facilities.
At-risk people should consult with their doctor before using the recreational facilities.  Caution signs will serve as a reminder that this effort should be considered at your own risk. A level of risk will likely be with us for some time and nothing anyone does will provide 100% safety. These are extraordinary circumstances so everyone needs to reevaluate how we view our surroundings.  We should all mitigate our risk and maintain physical distancing and practice good health habits.
Until further notice, the Association office will remain CLOSED to walk-in traffic. Residents should make an appointment before coming to the office. The majority of the Association business can be conducted online at or over the phone at 480-832-9003.  The web site has been upgraded to better serve you. We have downloadable PDF forms that can be sent to the office by email, fax, or placed in the dropbox in front of the office.  Notary, Fax and Photocopy Services are suspended.
Please be assured that the Association is fully prepared to meet the needs of the business and has taken actions to ensure continued service to our residents. We are prepared to serve you while protecting everyone’s health. The board of directors and management remains vigilant and is monitoring the situation and responding as rapidly as conditions evolve.
Darwin Albrecht    CMCA ® AMS ®
General Manager
Posted 6/2/2020 - PLEASE READ
At its May 12 meeting, the Sunland Village Board authorized the reopening of several SVCA facilities, including the pools and fitness center, subject to certain restrictions that were deemed necessary to safely allow some facilities to be opened.  Use of the reopened facilities was limited to Sunland Village Residents ONLY.  Billboard signs were placed at the entrances to certain facilities stating: 
Residents only, No Guests, No Children. 
The Board and your fellow residents appreciate your cooperation in complying with the restrictions.  Unfortunately, some residents have ignored the restrictions put in place to allow facility reopening.  The Resolution adopted by the Board clearly stated that residents who failed to comply with the rules would have their fobs deactivated.  To date, letters and phone calls have been made to residents violating the rules to remind them that guests are not allowed.  Office staff have been verbally berated.  Two weeks should be sufficient time for residents to understand the rules. 
Therefore, EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY, there will be NO reminder letters and phone calls and violators will have their fobs deactivated when the violation occurs.  We hope this action will be sufficient so that facilities can remain open. 
Thank you again for your cooperation.
Bonnie Sims,  SVCA Board President
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